What sets Bird Dog Supreme apart from the rest?

Birddog Supreme is a breeder of Epagneul Bretons or more commonly known as the French Brittney. Birddog Supreme has a breeding  program that focuses exclusively on quality not quantity. With emphasis placed on intelligence, trainability, lovingness,and boldness!  Along with natural pointing ability, natural retrieving ability, prey drive, bird finding talent and a great nose. Here at Birddog Supreme our lines come from directly combining the very best lines in Europe with the very best lines here in America.

Although everyone may not be looking for these exact qualities in their birddog. Especially the boldness part. Remember though “boldness is not dominance.” (We just don’t like the look of a shy dog, or the skittishness that often accompanies the softer dogs.)

That is why Birddog Supreme strives to produce dogs that are intelligent , trainable, loving and bold! Without all four of these qualities, the days you spend with your companion will never be all that they could be. Combine our stringent breeding protocol with our intensive puppy program (that took decades to develop)  and considered by many to be the best puppy program in the country. You will get a dog that is well prepared to start its new life with you.

Make no mistake these are world class gun dogs with as much genetic potential as is out there. Please call, or better yet, come have a look for yourself. We love to showcase our dogs.  Our pups are 100 % guaranteed from genetic hip and eye disease. We at Birddog Supreme obviously cannot guarantee a litter of wonder dogs, but that is what we are breeding for! Shouldn’t we all be?

We are not only breeders but also trainers and will advise you on getting the dog you have always wanted. This is a lifelong commitment to us. We are just a phone all away.

Please stop out or call; if you are looking for a wonderful house companion and bird dog come check us out to meet our family, you will be glad you did!

Birddog Supreme

14980 Co. Rd 22

Glenwood MN  56334 

Amy 320-304-3717

Jim 320-760-3402


Birddog Supreme’s common sense questions before buying a puppy.
  • Is this the RIGHT breeder for me? Willing to go the extra mile?
  • Do you trust this breeder?
  • Does the breeder have an actual “puppy program” ask about it and compare. The 1st 12 weeks is the most important time in your pups entire life.
  • Is the breeder knowledgeable and willing to help you through the tough parts?

If you answered YES to all of these questions you can not go wrong. If you get a NO keep looking.

Best Wishes!

Birddog Supreme

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