Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Disclaimer: These are just my beliefs and in the grand scheme of things probably don't mean anything at all.

If someone has more breeding dogs then they can hunt in a day, they are probably in it for  other  reasons, $$  (can you say puppy mill) there is just no way that time allows for them to do everything it requires to get the full potential from your puppy.

A quote from Dr. Ian Dunbar:
"If you want a companion dog to share your home with you, obviously it should have been raised in the home, not in a cage. Backyard and kennel raised puppies are certainly not pet quality dogs. They are livestock! Instead,  look for litters born and raised in the kitchen and living room."

Science has proven repeatedly, pups raised in the house in an interactive environment have larger brains with more problem solving capacity and a deeper emotional attachment to their people. Really isn't that what we all want in our bird dogs? I sure do!

Having a state of the art whelping facility does absolutely nothing for the creation of your bird dogs ability, having a great puppy program does.

The three things it takes to make a champion. Genetic potential, A great environment and a bit of luck.

Having a great website has absolutely no correlation to the ability of the dogs.

If the seller rushes you in to see the puppies before having you spend some time with the puppy's mother, they are likely relying on the cuteness  of the pups to sell you, rather than the the ability or disposition  of the finished  product.  Put another way. If there is something you don't like about the mother don't buy the baby.

Here at Birddog Supreme we always have birds on hand, so you can watch the mother in action. We are proud of our dogs.

People Lie!
If someone tells you that their dogs have so much natural ability that they don't need much training. RUN!  That is only true if your expectations are very, very low. All great dogs have tons of natural ability, but, that ability has been channeled, honed and refined. ALL DOGS NEED TRAINING.

Dogs as a commitment
We feed, water, clean up after our dogs, pay for everything from Vet bills, to collars.
All they do is love us, and I still think they are the ones being cheated

No dog has ever lied to me
Where as most every person I have ever known has.

When people say that their dogs are the best in the world, and then do not compete in the United States, well, that does not carry much weight with me. If  their dogs are so good, run them against ours. That to me is just a marketing  ploy

Buy your pup from the best breeder you can find, the purchase price is usually the small part.

Think on pride
If you get your pup from a quality breeder that takes great pride in the pups they produce, and does everything in their power to bring out the most in them, look at how much pride you will have in  your pup. Pride is the reason you get off the sofa, and go outside and work with your dog, even when you don't feel like it.  How much pride will you have in a pup that you picked up for 100$ from a puppy mill type breeder?

Dogs have always taken me to the best places in my life.

I never trust a person that is not kind to animals.

Spell dog backwards.

Dogs are our link to paradise.  They do not know evil nor jealousy, nor discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace.  Milan Kundera

The only creatures on earth capable of conveying pure love is dogs and infants. Jon Depp

I had a  revelating thought the other day:
When we are old, and sitting in our proverbial rocking chair- a time in  our lives when material things, pride, and money no longer mean anything to us, and the only things you're left with is your memories-at that point the only things that matter are the experiences of days past. I believe, having several great dogs through out my life has added greatly to those experiences and have taken me places I would have never found on my own.

My dogs are great trackers. They helped me find me.

Be true to yourself, for if you can't. How can you possibly be true to others?

Be true to your dog. If you tell him he's going to be great when he's young, you need to follow through when he's older. Your dog has never lied to you. Why be willing to lie to him and you?

The puppy can learn more in the 1st 16 weeks of his life then he can in the whole rest of his life. Why not find a breeder that will help you take advantage of that fact?

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