The Dream

Imagine this: watching a dog running in a large field of knee high grass, at about 100 yards to your right and running fast away, a thought races to your conscious “Oh no he is never coming back” and at that exact instance the dog you are so intent on suddenly turns his head and notices where you are, and races out in front of you, and keeps on going to about a 100 yards to the left, after this process repeats itself as you work your way across the field. Suddenly on one of these swings your dog whirls in mid air and is frozen like a statue, as time stands still for you in the next few seconds, your 1st thought is WOW that is the most amazing dog you have ever seen!

But soon a feeling of euphoria comes over you as you realize how blessed you are to share your limited time on this planet with such a dog. You feel like shouting” THIS IS MY DOG”

That exact scenario  has played out on me more times than I can recall at the moment, with my little French Britney, Jasmine, and though she is older now I still feel extremely blessed each and every time I take this sweet little pocket rocket  to a hunting spot, or every time she rest her head on my lap while I’m relaxing after a long day of work.

You  should be so lucky

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